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The Inspiration Behind The New SmugMug

The New SmugMug Is Here:

It’s the beginning of a new era for the way SmugMug will look and feel.

People are going to find that this is easy to use, it’s beautiful and there’s a lot of powerful tools.

We wanted to focus on the photos and have everything else fade away. And we wanted to build something unlike anything else out there.

And I think people are going to be blown away by it.

Photographers have changed. The internet has changed. And we need to change as well.

We saw this as an opportunity to combine what we’ve learned from the past with what we’ve always imagined SmugMug could be.

The challenge is to rethink what was important. To imagine an all new user experience. And in the end to redesign SmugMug from the ground up.

We started with:

The way it looks.

The way you organize.

The way you customize.

And the way your photos become part of your everyday life.

The idea was to evoke an emotion.

And have it be an extension to your creativity.

And we wanted you to feel excitement, pride, even empowerment.

Over what is now possible to create.

The greatest products in history have always gone through periods of change. These periods have allowed us to reinvent what’s possible. To push boundaries. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

The New SmugMug.

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